In a nutshell, I am a free C++ programmer. Tell me what you need, and I write it for free. Need a class but don’t want to pay a coder to do something that is so simple as to take 20 minutes? Don’t pay me to do it! Yep, I am free as in beer.

How It Works:

1. Contact

You would email me (see contacts) with a *detailed* description of what you need. If its an algorithm you need me to implement include the psuedocode. If it is a program, I need to know what you expect from it. Point is, no matter what it is; I need details.

2. Accept/Decline

I may or may not accept your project. I may or may not tell you why. Generally,  I avoid (fix-my-code) projects, and I refuse simple school projects. Also, I have a life so don’t expect me to respond instantly. If I am online when the request comes in I may be able to respond immediately.

3. Work and Delivery

When I  have written the code, tested it, and improved it until *I* feel its ready; I will email all the code as a compressed file(you may select what kind of compression I use).

4. Free Beer and Rules

I do  not charge for my work. However, I will need you to email me a statement of thanks  along with your name and State/City of residence and name of you organization (if you have one) that I will post on this site. I am not responsible, in any capacity; for the code. I am not responsible for loss of data.

Also, I do all of this without licensing. I will deliver the code to you and then its yours. I will NEVER re-use code that I write for you in other projects.

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